Towne Lake Townhomes

With homes featuring an average square footage of 3500 square feet, Towne Lake has a great deal to offer, in terms of homes for rent or sale. If you are specifically interested in townhomes for sale, the range of possibilities throughout Cypress TX will appeal to you to a significant extent. This is going to prove to be particularly true with the options available to you in this neighborhood.

One of the great things about this neighborhood is the extent to which they work to make their residents feel right at home. You will truly feel as though you have become part of a community that wants to take care of you on every level. At the same time, you are going to find yourself enjoying everything Cypress TX has to offer. Beyond the easy connection to Downtown Houston, there are several benefits to Towne Lake and the townhomes for sale that you are going to want to learn about.

Real Estate Listings

Homes for sale in Towne Lake start in the general area of 200, 000. They can rise all the way up to a couple million, but those are the most luxurious, sprawling examples. The prices on townhomes in this area is pretty comparable. Prices can start in the 75, 000 dollar range, but you will find that most townhouses go for 200, 000 dollars or more. These townhomes aren’t just affordable either. They also offer some of the most beautiful properties in the city. These townhomes can be ideal for families, but it is just as true that anyone else can benefit from everything this neighborhood has to offer.

The townhomes for sale in Towne Lake also allow you to take advantage of everything to be found in Cypress TX. Located in Harris County, Texas, this city is home to more than 100, 000 people. It is a thriving city with its own distinctive identity. Supported by the Cypress-Fairbanks Independent School District, this city also has a lot to offer in the way of shopping, dining, parks, golf courses, other outdoor recreation areas, grocery stores, massive chains, local retailers, lakes, and so much more. This is a community that also has some lovely wooded areas, as well. Then you have the fact that you are only twenty-five miles away from Downtown Houston. Whether you need the commute for work, or if you know you love to have a city close by, this city is perfect.

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