Sydney Harbour

Traditional-style and Mediterranean-style homes for sale are just one part of the considerable charm behind the Cypress TX neighborhood Sydney Harbour. This is a thriving, secure community with an impressively elaborate array of amenities, exclusive to residents. The neighborhood goes the extra mile for its residents. It is difficult to live in a place like this, and not feel as though they are truly at home. This neighborhood has a knack for putting you at ease right away.

With prices in the 430, 000 dollar range, and homes from some of the top builders in Texas, this neighborhood is bound to impress you. Anyone who wants to enjoy the benefits of living in Cypress TX will certainly want to learn more about the homes for sale in this region. You have everything Cypress has to offer, and you also have a twenty-five mile commute to Downtown Houston. Taken as a whole, it doesn’t get much better than the many perks associated with a neighborhood like Sydney Harbour.

The clubhouse, pool complex, walking paths, and playground are among the amenities that are exclusive to residents of this neighborhood. SH has a robust Homeowner’s Association, which goes the distance to take care of everything residents need. Overall, it is clear that the neighborhood makes a great effort to make you feel as though you are part of a small, intimate community. At the same time, privacy is highly valued and emphasized. It is definitely the best of all worlds.

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Sydney Harbor also means living in Cypress TX. The homes for sale throughout Cypress allow you to enjoy great schools, stunning lakes and parks, golfing, restaurants, shopping, grocery stores, essential services, and much more. You are also surrounded by some of the other towns and communities that can be found throughout Harris County. Cypress is supported by the exceptional Cypress-Fairbanks Independent School District, and you will find this to be true from schools on every grade level.

The twenty-five mile commute to Downtown Houston is worth mentioning again. This benefit is naturally popular with those who need to travel to and from Downtown Houston each day. However, if you have always dreamed of living just a few short miles from one of the most vibrant, engaging cities in the United States, Cypress is going to be the chance you have been waiting for. It doesn’t get much better than this for a homeowner.

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"Sydney Harbour"