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With home values ranging between 330, 000 dollars and 421, 000 dollars, the homes for sale throughout the Cypress TX neighborhood Stable Gate is perfect for established or growing families. Many of the houses for sale here are nearly five thousand square feet, and there are a number of properties that are even larger. Still, considering the style and durability of these traditional-style and other types of homes, you could make a case that this neighborhood has the potential to appeal to everybody.

For one thing, you’re getting the security and tranquility of one of the best neighborhoods in Cypress. In terms of your distance to the essentials of this city, you’re going to be able to get to everything Cypress has to offer in hardly any time at all. The benefits of living in Cypress TX are well worth exploring in greater detail.

For example, the fact that Cypress and Stable Gate puts you just twenty-five miles from Downtown Houston.

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With homes featuring as many as five bedrooms, there is no question that this neighborhood and its homes for sale have a strong appeal to families. Remember that the neighborhood and city of 160, 000 are anchored by the Cypress-Fairbanks Independent School District. The single-family homes throughout this area offer a rich assortment of styles and sizes. Combine that with the relatively affordable prices, and you have an excellent way to enjoy everything Cypress TX has to offer.

This is a small city. In other words, it retains a small town appeal, even as it continues to improve and evolve. This city began a dramatic change in the early 1990s. Many of the neighborhoods you can find today were established in this period, or in the early 2000s. The city enjoys an impressive reputation in the present for offering everything you could need in the way of outdoor recreation areas, restaurants, grocery stores, shopping, sports, and much more.

Then you have the easy commute to Downtown Houston. Thanks to your close proximity to Highway 290, you will be able to get to Downtown Houston in less than an hour—even with traffic. You are going to have a perfect work commute, if you need to get to places like the Galleria, the Texas Medical Center, or the Energy Corridor. Remember as well that the homes for sale in Stable Gate keep you close to some major Cypress employment centers, too.

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