Saddle Ridge Estates

There is a great deal about the homes for sale throughout Saddle Ridge Estates that is worth appreciating in greater detail. This Cypress TX neighborhood has more than just a charming, evocative name. This is yet another fine example of the exceptional neighborhoods that make up this remarkable small city of 160, 000+ individuals. There are benefits to this neighborhood, as well as benefits to living in Cypress.

Bring these benefits together, and you will have a clear understanding of why this community continues to draw individuals, couples, and families from all walks of life. Cypress is a community that has much to offer, beyond the houses and neighborhoods. This is a diverse, exciting city, and it gives you an easy commute to Downtown Houston each day. Cypress continues to top many lists for the fastest-growing cities in Texas.

Keeping the above in mind, it is all the more impressive that Cypress TX continues to retain its relaxed, low-key atmosphere.

The homes for sale in this neighborhood offer luxury, comfort, and attractive exteriors. Cypress has seen homes from some of the most well-regarded home builders working today. The list includes Lennar, Darling Homes, and many others. You can find gorgeous traditional-style homes in Saddle Ridge Estates, but keep in mind that there are other types of homes to consider, as well.

Real Estate Listings

The prices at Saddle Ridge are some of the highest to be found in Cypress TX. This is because Saddle Ridge offers some of the largest properties in the area. The average lot size is nearly six thousand square feet, and prices start in the 700, 000 dollar range. It is rare that the prices dip below that figure. In fact, you will find that many of these homes for sale sell for prices exceeding one million dollars. To be sure, when you look at specific examples for yourself, it won’t be hard to understand why some of these homes sell for so much. They are among the largest, most well-built, and stunning examples of homes you are going to find in this community. Keeping in mind how many beautiful neighborhoods make up this area, that is no small feat on the part of Saddle Ridge Estates.

You will also love the fact that living here also means you are living just twenty-five miles from Downtown Houston. This is a perfect work commute for virtually anyone.

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