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If you are interested in townhomes for sale, then you are definitely going to want to check out some of the options available to you in Ravensway. Located in the beautiful, 160, 000-person strong Cypress TX, this neighborhood offers more than just great townhomes. You will also be able to take advantage of an intensely desired location. This means enjoying all of the things to do in Cypress, while also having easy access to the roads and highways that will take you to all points Downtown Houston and beyond.

This neighborhood gives you all of those benefits. This doesn’t even get into the subject of everything you get from living in a city as varied, charming, and secure as Cypress. From great schools in the Cypress-Fairbanks Independent School District, to some of the best golf courses in Texas, there is something for just about everyone in Cypress TX. With Ravensway, you will be surrounded by possibilities, in addition to everything you will ever need to put down long-term roots.

In addition to the wide variety of townhomes for sale, the neighborhood also offers an assortment of impressive amenities and features. Swimming pools, an equestrian center, and courts for a number of sports are just a few of the perks made available to residents. Townhomes in this neighborhood start somewhere in the range of around 140, 000. There are numerous properties that go for more, but prices rarely seem to go beyond the 200, 000 dollar range. These townhomes are among the most popular in Cypress, and it really isn’t hard to understand why that is the case. Take a look at some examples of townhomes in Ravensway, and you will see why these properties tend to sell very quickly.

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Beyond the properties, you will want to pay close attention to everything Cypress has to offer. You have the exceptional schools that were mentioned before, as well as the parks, entertainment venues, walking trails, golf courses, restaurants, bars, and shopping centers that define this city. One of the nice things about Cypress TX is the Fact that you have an endlessly appealing combination of natural beauty with modern city elements. You will have everything you need to feel as though you are right at home.

You are also close to US 290, as well as West Grand Parkway. This community is particularly popular with those who need to commute to Downtown Houston, although Cypress offers much in the way of employment centers on its own.

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"Ravensway Townhomes"