Bridgeland has one of the best reputations of the neighborhoods that can be found throughout Cypress TX. This is partially due to the homes for sale in this area, but the truth of the matter is that there is a lot about this community that is worth getting excited about.

And when you consider just how highly regarded this entire region is, you will be even more impressed with how popular this specific neighborhood has proven to be. Divided into four unique villages, this neighborhood strives to give you a thriving community just beyond your front door. At the same time, it also connects you to everything Cypress has to offer, which you will soon learn is quite a bit.

And then through all of that, remember that Bridgeland and Cypress TX are also putting you close to everything Downtown Houston has to offer. This is what we mean, when we tell you that the homes for sale in this neighborhood is just the beginning of what you can gain from living here.

Real Estate Listings

Bridgeland in Cypress TX is supported by the Cypress-Fairbanks Independent School District, this neighborhood offers a wonderful opportunity in which to raise a family. At the same time, this community can also appeal to young singles, or those who want to just kick back and relax. Beyond the community features and amenities of Bridgeland, you will also find it easy to enjoy golfing, outdoor recreation areas, restaurants, bars, parks, shopping, and so much more. This community gives you the best of Cypress, which has something to offer just about anybody.

Prices on homes in this neighborhood are some of the highest in Cypress. This is because you are talking about some of the most modern, luxurious homes in Cypress, as well. Built by some of the finest home builders in the world, you can find huge Mediterranean or traditional-style homes. There are even more possibilities to check out beyond those options. The homes for sale here can start in the 220, 000 range. However, you will find that many of them sell for a million or more. Again, you are talking about some of the most spacious, modern homes in Cypress. If you are truly keen to explore the best of what Cypress has to offer, Bridgeland is going to be ideal. And remember that you are just forty or so miles away from Downtown Houston. This neighborhood offers a great daily commute for those who need it.


About Bridgeland

Bridgeland® is proud to offer products from some of the most well-respected builders in the Houston real estate industry. Homes range in price, style and density, creating an architecturally-interesting and diverse community aesthetic. Price points begin in the $220s and exceed $1 million.

There will be four distinct villages in Bridgeland®: Lakeland Village, Parkland Village, Prairieland Village, and Creekland Village. Each will help to define the community’s land plan and offer residents easy access to parks and trails, playgrounds, pool complexes, schools, shopping, employment establishments and places of worship.

All of the villages will offer a wide range of housing options, from conventional styles to custom designs. The first quarter to open, Lakeland Village, currently has available homes and lots in its Hidden Creek and Lakeland Heights communities.

The Lifestyle

With more than 3,000 acres dedicated to lakes, trails and parks, Bridgeland seamlessly blends nature into residents’ daily lives. Our community offers an unrivaled balance: the tranquility of a seemingly untouched natural environment and the convenience of modern facilities and amenities.

The community was designed to conserve and enhance the natural environment, with existing lakes and creeks incorporated into the plan as unique amenities. Parks and green space can be found no more than a quarter mile from each homesite and are connected through the community’s vast trail system. Other amenities include a resort-style pool, a disc-golf course, stocked lakes and complimentary use of kayaks, paddle boats and other recreational equipment. Eventually, a 900-acre Town Center will host upscale retail and dining venues while four smaller village center will offer quick access to everyday conveniences.

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